Our Story

Our philosophy is to provide a unique experience that embraces all of one’s senses. We have captured the warmth and friendly atmosphere of Thailand and recreated it here in the heart of England.

When you walk into The Jay Fai for the first time, you will discover an oriental "oasis" with sumptuous surroundings that carefully blend enchanting thai carvings with colourful artefacts and a profusion of tropical plants, together with luxurious hand-carved teak furniture, silver cutlery, fine glass and china dinnerware.

Our History

We are proud to serve a vast array of wonderful, authentic dishes from all over Thailand. All of our food is meticulously prepared using traditional thai ingredients and fresh produce - all served by courteous and enthusiastic thai staff who, dressed in traditional silk, are always pleased to serve you in the true traditions of thai culture.

Open every day of the week, we offer a magnificent Lunch from Monday to Friday. Treat yourself to "eat as much as you wish" from a mouth-watering variety of thai dishes, plus often a few special dishes from Japan or Malaysia too.

During the evenings we provide an extensive A La Carte Menu including a wonderful selection of exquisite dishes, such as our magnificent banquets, succulent river prawns, a wide choice of vegetarian meals and tempting home-cooked desserts.

We are fully licensed to serve drinks too.

Our Restaurant

Our Beloved Kitchten Specialitist who can make wonders in Food

In addition to the highest possible quality of cuisine served, the success of our restaurants owes much to the meticulous authenticity of the total experience enjoyed by our clientele, epitomised by our courteous and enthusiastic staff who, dressed in traditional Thai silk, are always pleased to serve in the true traditions of Thai culture.

Each of our restaurants is designed and furnished by an experienced team of craftsmen who carefully create an exotic Thai “oasis” at each location. The sumptuous, cosy surroundings blend enchanting Thai carvings with beautiful Thai artefacts, a real profusion of tropical plants and traditional, hand-carved teak furniture throughout.

Most of our restaurants are open every day of the week and they serve superb, authentic cuisine offering a vast array of delicious Thai dishes. There are magnificent lunchtimes and our impressive A La Carte Menus include a selection of delightful Banquet Menus, a wide choice of vegetarian meals and tempting home-cooked desserts.

We look forward to welcoming you soon.